About Us

The secret’s in the service…ever since our inception in 1991, our core business philosophy remains unchanged. We believe in providing the best possible customer service; we never promise what we can’t deliver and because of this over 80% of our business is from repeat customers.


Our passion for service means we continually strive to bring product quality and service delivery to the next level. This means having the best available products for the job and the means to deliver and service them effectively and efficiently. Econoloo was the first company to bring high quality imported toilets to South Africa and to expand our product range to include event specific equipment such as mensrooms and stand-alone handwash facilities. Recent innovations include the introduction of non-formaldehyde based chemical, service with high pressure cleaning equipment & crane-delivered porcelain event toilets.


In order to provide uncompromising service at a competitive cost, we constantly evaluate our methods and actively look for improvements in efficiencies. We focus on value for money rather than exclusively price and where clients have opted for cheaper alternatives, we often see these clients returning to us after a year or two, ultimately favouring the execution of a hassle-free event. We are a family-owned and managed business and we do not believe in sacrificing business ethics or taking shortcuts in order to achieve our goals. All our business dealings are always honest and above board and we are compliant with all relevant labour and health & safety legislation, thus reducing our customer’s exposure to negative publicity.

This year we celebrate 23 years of keeping our promises!