Office containers

Our offices may have container locks and the same dimension as a 20ft shipping container but that is where the similarity ends. They are highly versatile modular buildings with walls of thickly insulated interchangeable panels. The position of doors and windows can be changed and units can be joined together to form larger spaces. Customization to include hallways is also a possibility. We do not rely on sub-contractors for delivery and collection. Storage containers are standard shipping containers.


  • Standard design per module of 2.4m x 6.0m with two windows and a door
  • Ceiling lights and wall plugs
  • Standard air-conditioning / heater
  • High quality finishes and insulation with all units having rollershutters and
  • our newest unit having double glazed windows opening either fully or only
  • at the top for ventilation without safety concerns
  • Fully modular; can be joined both / or along the length and width on all sides
  • Stackable
  • Each unit comes with individual CoC Electrical compliance certificate

We also offer shipping containers for hire for storage.