Econoloo has 23 years experience of managing events, large and small.

We have the widest selection of trailers and portable toilets in the Western Cape and we pride ourselves in exemplary service and quality products. See our blog for details of recent events.

Why Econoloo?

On-site service

  • Highly experienced event management staff and service crew.
  • International standard pumper trucks equipped with high pressure hoses for on site servicing
  • Always deliver and service what was promised when we promised
  • Any and all problems speedily resolved


  • First company to raise the standard of units in the SA market to international standards
  • First company to extend product range to urinals, men’s rooms, wheelchair toilets


  • 23 years of competitive pricing – best service at the lowest possible cost
  • Competitive pricing achieved by focus on efficiency not cutting corners on product and service delivery


  • Accurate invoicing
  • Adequately skilled staff resolve queries speedily